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UN 4G Fibreboard box for various inners, 4G/X13/S

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UN 4G Fibreboard box for various inners, 4G/X13/S

UN approved packaging: Our 4G outer packaging must be used with the specific ‘approved with’ inner packaging listed below.

UN Number 4G/X13/S
Internal Dimensions 195mm x 145mm x 315mm
External Dimensions 210mm x 150mm x 340mm
Substance Type Liquid

UN approved packaging – 4G/X13/S

UN 4G Fibreboard Outer Packaging for use with various approved inner packagings. Combine with the approved inner
packaging listed below to form Combination Packaging.

With a gross package weight of 13kg you can ship your dangerous goods in a 2.5L or 5L tinplate or plastic jerrican inside this 4G fibreboard box – approved for all packing groups I, II & III.

This 4G box is approved for shipping liquid dangerous goods

If you wish to ship your substance in inner packagings that are not approved for this 4G box, then you could use one of our 4GV boxes instead

Product Spec Sheets

Assembly Sheet
  • S = Approved to Ship Solids
  • L = Approved to Ship Liquids
  • S/L = Approved to Ship Solids and Liquids

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