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Inner Packaging

Want to ship your hazardous goods in compatible inner packagings? Select from our range of bottles and containers below.

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Inner Packaging for Dangerous Goods

We have a wide variety of inner packaging for hazardous goods to choose from, including Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Aluminium Bottles and Tinplate Inner Packaging.

All our inner packaging can be used with our 4GV and 4DV outer packaging range. The vast majority of our inner packaging have also been tested and approved to be used with our 4G range.  For ease, on each of our 4G product pages you will find a list all of the approved with inners relating that that 4G box.

When deciding what packaging to choose to ship your dangerous goods, you must refer to the relevant transport regulations to determine the most suitable inners and outer packaging for your substance.  We also have single packaging options if combination packaging (inner and outer packaging) isn’t a requirement.

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Our inner packaging options

Glass bottles

We have a wide range of glass bottles suitable for shipping dangerous goods and are suitable to be used as inner packaging for mercury and other dangerous liquids and solids.

Our bottles are able to withstand temperatures of 140 °C and 180°C.

Our range includes:

Winchester bottles, amber powder jars, ISO reagent bottles and clear glass jars.

Plastic bottles and jars

We offer a variety of plastic inner packaging including HDPE, LDPE, PET & Polypropylene plastic bottles and jars.

Our range of plastic inner packaging is versatile, offering solutions for both solid and liquid substances, including inner packaging for adhesives and more.

Aluminium bottles up to 6.2L

Like all our inner packaging, our aluminium inner packaging are off the shelf and ready for immediate dispatch. We offer both Plain Non-Lacquer Lined and Lacquer Lined bottles.

Tinplate Inner Packaging

We have heavy duty tinplate drums & jerricans, and offer both Plain Non-Lacquer Lined and Lacquer Lined tinplate inners.

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