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UN Approved 4GV Fibreboard Boxes

Our 4GV Fibreboard boxes can be used with various inners, allowing you to choose the most suitable inners for your dangerous goods shipment. All 4GV packaging is approved to ship liquids and solids.

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4GV Packaging Explained

4GV boxes for non-specific inner packagings

4GV boxes are a popular choice for shippers wishing to use their own inner packaging containers, unlike 4G boxes, which require the use of specific approved-with inners.

Our range of 4GV fibreboard boxes allows you to ship up to a maximum gross weight of 65Kg. All of our 4GV boxes come complete with plastic liner bag. Vermiculite or Biodegradable Chips  (supplied separately) will also be required to provide cushioning for the inner packagings during transport – The product’s assembly sheet will state whether Vermiculite or Biodegradable Chips must be used.

If you’re unsure as to how much vermiculite or bio chips you need, then contact us for assistance. We’ll be able to calculate how much you will need by identifying the void space within your packaging.

Assembly Sheets & 4GV weight allowance 

An assembly sheet is available to download for all our 4GV products. this clarifies weight allowances and provides assembly instructions enabling shippers to package the dangerous goods compliantly. The 4GV packaging must be packed and assembled in exactly the same way as was during the testing process, otherwise you will invalidate the certification.

We also have a range of hazard labels to ensure that your dangerous goods packagings remain compliant.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask! See our Contact page for further details and FAQ section with some helpful information.


4G in the UN Specification Mark indicates that the packaging is a Fibreboard Box, 4 =  box and G = Fibreboard.  The letter ‘V’ following the packaging code signifies a “special packaging” conforming to a specific set of requirements as set out in of the UN Model Regulations. For example, gross mass of the inner packagings rules and rules relating to the testing of the packaging, including use of inner types, drop heights & stack test requirements.

4G packaging is tested and approved with specific inner packaging, these inner packaging types must be used in the 4G packaging when shipping dangerous goods, whereas 4GV packaging can be used with appropriate non-specific inner packaging.

Classified as a box, UN Approved 4GV fibreboard boxes can come in many sizes.

All our 4GV boxes, such as our 4GV/X5/S box, must be shipped with vermiculite as an absorbent packaging material. If you do not wish to use vermiculite, you can select a 4GV box from our eco range, such as our 4GV/X4/S box, with which you will need to use biodegradable chips as an absorbent cushioning material instead.

At Air Sea Containers, we can also facilitate the creation of custom made packaging. If you are currently using packaging that isn’t the correct size or design to accommodate your shipments, you may be able to save money by commissioning custom made packaging. Creating bespoke packaging designed to your exact packaging requirements may improve shipping costs.

Is a 4GV cardboard box the same thing as a 4GV Fibreboard box? Whilst fibreboard is a specific class of cardboard, some people use the terms interchangeably. Officially the correct terminology used in the transport regulations is Fibreboard not Cardboard.

4GV boxes can be used for the shipment of liquids or solids. They are permitted for the use of transporting packing group I, which means that they are therefore permitted to be used for less dangerous items in packing groups II and III as well.

Also remember that each box has a maximum gross weight limit that will vary from box to box. One of the special packaging requirements relating to weight for “V” variants is ‘the total combined gross mass of inner packagings shall not exceed one-half the gross mass of inner packaging used for the drop test’. Shippers must refer to the assembly instructions for the weight restrictions.

Because 4GV boxes are approved for use with various inners, this means that they must be approved for use with the most fragile inner materials – this is why they are tested with glass inners.

They are also drop tested to the highest standards suitable for packaging group I items which is with a height of 1.8 metres.

Stack tests must also be performed for a 4GV box to be approved, and this must be performed whilst the box is empty of inner materials to ensure that the outer fibreboard material is under pressure without support from goods packed within.

Relevant 4GV packaging assembly information can be found on any of our 4GV product pages.

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