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UN 4G Fibreboard box for various inners, 4G/X15/S

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UN 4G Fibreboard box for various inners, 4G/X15/S


UN approved packaging: Our 4G outer packaging must be used with the specific ‘approved with’ inner packaging listed below (sold separately).


UN Mark 4G/X15/S
Internal Dimensions 7.65" x 5.71" x 12.4"
External Dimensions 8.27" x 5.91" x 13.39"
Substance Type Liquid

UN approved packaging – 4G/X15/S

UN 4G Fibreboard Outer Packaging must be used with the approved inner packaging listed below to form Combination Packaging.

With a gross package weight of 15kg you can ship your dangerous goods in a 6L plastic jerrican inside this 4G fibreboard box – approved for all packing groups I, II & III.

UN Mark: 4G/X15/S

This 4G box is approved for shipping liquid dangerous goods.


Product Spec Sheets

Assembly Sheet
  • S = Approved to Ship Solids
  • L = Approved to Ship Liquids
  • S/L = Approved to Ship Solids and Liquids

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