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UN 4G Fibreboard box for 1 x 5L Jerrican, 4G/X12/S

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UN 4G Fibreboard box for 1 x 5L Jerrican, 4G/X12/S

UN approved packaging: Our 4G outer packaging is approved for use with the specific ‘approved with’ inner packaging listed below.

UN Mark 4G/X12/S
Internal Dimensions 192mm x 144mm x 264mm
External Dimensions 204mm x 158mm x 301mm
Substance Type Liquid

UN approved packaging – 4G/X12/S

New Product – Suitable for Liquid Hazardous Goods.

Ship up to 12kg gross weight with this 4G fibreboard box

Suitable for shipping liquid substances of all packing groups I, II & III, provided they are suitable within the approved inner packaging (found below) and do not exceed the maximum capacity for the 5L inner jerrican.

This 4G box can be used for shipping hazardous liquids up to 2 relative density within the inner packaging.

This 4G fibreboard box is approved for use with the 5L jerrican inner packaging it was tested with (found below).

Suitable for all classes of hazardous liquids (excluding Class 1, 6 and 7, these substances are subject to specific restrictions and test criteria). Shippers wishing to use fibreboard packaging for class 1, 6 and 7 should contact us to discuss suitable packaging solutions.

Please Note: Vermiculite is not required as an absorbent filling of the remaining available space making this combination packaging suitable for dust free environments.

Inner packaging sold separately.

View our code 11 – 15kg 4G box here, approved with 6l jerricans. Read more about our new products here.


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