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Air Sea Containers Launches New 4G Packaging, Ideal for Liquid Hazardous Substances

29 November 2023 | Packaging Guidance

Introducing the new UN 4G/X12/S and 4G/X15/S Fibreboard Boxes

Packaging plays a critical role in ensuring the safe transport and handling of hazardous substances. When it comes to liquid dangerous goods, the need for robust and reliable packaging is crucial.

Air Sea Containers have developed Code 11 – UN 4G/X15/S 4G and Code 14 – UN 4G/X12/S fibreboard boxes which are approved with 5L or 6L jerricans. These high specification packaging solutions meet the regulatory safety standards for transporting liquid hazardous substances via Air, Road and Sea.

The Importance of Packaging for Liquid Hazardous Substances

Liquid hazardous substances pose unique challenges when it comes to packaging. They require packaging that is strong, leak-proof and capable of withstanding rigorous handling and transportation conditions. The consequences of inadequate packaging can be severe, ranging from environmental pollution to health and safety risks of humans and animals.

The Code 11 and Code 14 4G fibreboard boxes address these challenges by offering a durable and secure solution specifically designed for liquid hazardous substances. The stitched and double-wall corrugated construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of transportation, protecting the contents and the environment from potential harm.

Key Features & Benefits of the Code 11 and Code 14 4G Fibreboard Boxes

Firstly, the UN approved 12kg and 15kg fibreboard boxes are specifically designed to be used as combination packaging with 5L and 6L jerricans respectively, providing a secure and leak-proof combination packaging solution. The jerricans have been designed to fit snugly inside the boxes, minimizing movement and the risk of leakage. Due to the design, there is no need for any additional cushioning like vermiculite, creating a dust free environment.

These combination packaging solutions have been tested and approved to meet UN standards for packaging PG I (X) liquids within the specified jerricans. Having surpassed the 1.8m drop test by successfully passing 3m drop tests, this allows for PGI liquids with a relative density of 2 to be contained in the jerricans.

The board has undergone Cobb testing ensuring the fibreboard boxes will resist the absorption of water to the required level. The boxes also meet additional UN test requirements including stack tests.

The weight specified on the UN mark is the maximum gross weight of the entire fully assembled package, this includes inners and contents (liquids) and the outer packaging itself.  These particular packaging solutions have a maximum gross packaging weight of 12kg (code 14) and 15kg (code 11) and are approved to be used with liquids up to 2 relative density, making them efficient in terms of the permitted weight to volume.

Uses and Applications of the 4G Fibreboard Box

The Code 11 & Code 14 high specification makes them an ideal packaging solution for industries such as petrochemical, chemicals, cosmetics, food and beverage and clean room environments. Their ability to securely contain and protect hazardous substances during transportation ensures the integrity and safety of the dangerous goods.

They are suitable for all classes of hazardous liquids (excluding Class 1, 6 and 7, these substances are subject to specific restrictions and test criteria). Any shippers wishing to use fibreboard packaging for class 1, 6 and 7 should contact us for additional consultation on class 1, 6 and 7 packaging solutions.

The Efficient Packaging Solution for Liquid Hazardous Substances

Code 11 & Code 14 4G fibreboard boxes are a great packaging solution for liquid hazardous substances. By successfully meeting and passing the stringent testing and approval requirements, the UN 4G fibreboard boxes are proven to withstand the rigors of transportation via air, sea and road.

Contact us today to learn more about the Code 11 & Code 14 4G boxes and how they can meet your packaging needs for liquid hazardous substances. Ensure the safety and integrity of your products with Air Sea Containers packaging solutions.

You can view our new Code 11 and Code 14 products here. For further packaging information or assistance please contact us.

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