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UN Plywood Box for Non-specific inners, 4DV/X30/S

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UN Plywood Box for Non-specific inners, 4DV/X30/S

UN Plywood Box 4DV/X30/S, for use with non-specific inners; Ship up to 10Kg of dangerous goods.

Approved for packing groups I, II & III

Our 4DV range allows you to choose your preferred suitable inner packaging for your substance. Lithium Batteries can also be shipped in 4DV boxes in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Maximum permitted weight of the inner containers and their product contents is 10kg, whilst the gross package must not exceed 30kg. Vermiculite must be used with this 4DV Plywood box.

UN Mark 4DV/X30/S
Internal Dimensions 370mm x 370mm x 300mm
External Dimensions 390mm x 390mm x 315mm

UN Plywood Box – suitable for non-specific inner packagings.

Our plywood boxes UN Mark: 4DV/X30/S are delivered flat pack with liner bag included, are easy to assemble and permit up to a maximum weight of 10kg (inners and substance) and a gross package weight of 30kg.

All our plywood packaging boxes are UN certified, strong, robust, rigid and stackable. All plywood boxes come with lids and are delivered flat pack, they are collapsible or foldable so take up 90% less space if storage space is limited. The no nail locking system means you can assemble the plywood boxes in minutes and without the need for nails or hammers.

Not only can the 4DV wooden plywood boxes be used for shipping dangerous goods including lithium batteries, they can be used as plywood storage boxes.

These UN Plywood boxes are used as part of combination packaging. Combination packaging consists of outer packaging and inner packaging. When using our 4DV plywood boxes as your chosen outer packaging, you can choose the most suitable inner for your substance in accordance with dangerous goods regulations applicable for your chosen mode(s) of transportation.

Vermiculite must be used as a dangerous goods packaging material when shipping items within our 4DV range.

Not sure how much vermiculite you need? Give us a call and we can calculate that for you.


Product Spec Sheets

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Yes we have a range of sizes available, from small plywood boxes to large plywood boxes. See our product page for our whole range.
Yes we can discuss your individual needs, provide consultation and make custom made plywood boxes to suit your exact requirements.
As UN boxes they can be used to ship dangerous goods via Air, Sea & Road as per regulation requirements. A few examples of possible usages of UN plywood boxes include: Shipping Lithium Batteries Shipping Aerosols Shipping Corrosives Additional test may be needed in order to carry specific classes but can be arranged by ASC. Of course you must refer to the relevant DG regulations and follow the packing instruction to select the correct packaging for your dangerous goods.
We provide assembly instructions with our plywood boxes, it is also available to download from the website product page. No nails required to assemble the shipping boxes, just the locking tool.

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