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Packaging for sending lithium batteries

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We provide the UN Packaging (boxes) so you can pack your UN 3480, UN 3481, UN 3090 & UN 3091 batteries compliantly. (Please note we are not a freight forwarding company or a packer, so can not arrange the actual shipment of your batteries.)

Are you a business looking to ship lithium batteries or damaged & defective batteries and need packaging? There are various packaging requirement you must consider when preparing your lithium batteries for shipment:

Shipments of lithium batteries are covered by Dangerous Goods Regulations, with each specific mode of transport (Air, Road, Rail, Sea) having their own restrictions and packaging requirements.

Lithium batteries include car batteries, power banks, laptop and mobile phone batteries and other commonly-used consumer items.

We have a range of UN packaging suitable to ship your lithium ion or metal batteries, from 4G Fibreboard Boxes to 4DV Plywood heavy duty boxes for batteries up to 120Kg.

Whether you are sending one-off packages or regular shipments of lithium ion or metal batteries, it is imperative that your packaging is in-line with lithium battery dangerous goods regulations.

Unsure what your packaging requirements are? Use the short form below to contact us and we can assist you find the correct packaging for your battery.

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