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UN Fibreboard Box for Lithium Batteries 4G/X13/S

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UN Fibreboard Box for Lithium Batteries 4G/X13/S

Lithium battery UN Approved Packaging.

4G fibreboard box 4G/X13/S, for shipping Lithium Batteries up to 12kg. Approved for packing group I.

UN Mark 4G/X13/S
Internal Dimensions 450mm x 300mm x 300mm
External Dimensions 460mm x 310mm x 315mm
Substance Type Solid

Lithium battery packaging

Same Box, New Branding*

UN approved 4g Box for the transportation of Lithium Batteries. UN Mark: 4G/X13/S.

This 4G box is suitable for shipping UN3480, UN3481, UN3090, UN3091. (excludes damaged/defective, prototype or waste/disposal/recycled batteries).

This packaging is just one of our growing range of lithium battery packagings, tested and approved for shipping lithium ion or metal batteries and suitable for all modes of transport.

Packaging is supplied without labels. These can be order separately here

This specific packaging enables shippers to transport total packaging weight of up to 13kg.

For lithium batteries over 12kg take a look at our 4GV Range to be used with vermiculite.

*We’ve refreshed the branding on our packaging, to produce a fresh new look. Not only have we created more space for labelling, our packaging now features QR codes which take you to a comprehensive set of assembly instructions for the specific packaging. Please rest assured the specification of the packaging itself has not been altered and performs to the same high performance standards prior to the newly branded packaging.

Product Spec Sheets

Assembly Sheet

Special Notes:  

Batteries various sizes, in plastics bags – see table below.

For up to 16 batteries.

Battery sizes (mm):

Min Max
Length 195 400
Width 95 250
Depth 9 250


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