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330ml Polypropylene Plastic Biotube

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330ml Polypropylene Plastic Biotube

330ml plastic Biotube with 51mm bung

When used with suitable outer packaging, this container is suitable for:
Flammable Liquids (Class 3)
Flammable Solids (Class 4)
Oxydizing Agents (Class 5)
Peroxides (Class 5)
Toxics (Class 6.1)
Infectious Substances (Class 6.2)
Most Corrosives (Class 8)

Substance Type Solids & Liquids

330ml plastic Biotube with 51mm bung

The BioTube™ has a Nominal Capacity of 330ml, and is capable of withstanding 110 kpa

Approved as a suitable inner for the packaging listed below, including for the transportation of infectious substances.

Can also be used with 4GV or 4DV packaging.

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