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UN3373 – Category B Infectious Substances

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UN3373 refers to a UN Number with Proper Shipping Name ‘Biological Substance, Category B’.

Transporting Category B biological substances is much easier than their counterparts, Category A substances, but still have certain requirements.

UN3373 substances include human or animal specimens, such as blood, tissue or bodily fluids, which are not believed to be infectious.

The requirement for shipping substances of this type need not be UN approved, therefore do not bear a UN mark, but are still required to undergo particular testing and perform to certain standards. This includes:

1. Combination packaging, comprising of a primary receptacle(s), a secondary packaging and a rigid outer packaging.

2. Leakproof receptacles and secondary packagings where liquids are used

3. Absorbent materials in sufficient quantity as to absorb 100% of any liquids

4. Siftproof receptacles and secondary packages where solids are used

We have a range of Category B, UN3373 packaging available here.

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