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Packaging diagnostic samples for suspected COVID-19 cases

10 March 2020 | Industry News & Regs

Understanding how and what to use when shipping Coronavirus (COVID-19) specimen samples may differ from one country to another.

So far the advice has been to classify the virus as Class 6.2 Infectious Substance, Category B, UN3373 for transport of samples and to follow packing instruction 650 ADR \ IATA.

Within the UK, Public Health England (PHE) have provided an example video of how to prepare a package.

Their advice also suggests the need for specimens to be placed inside individual bags which is an additional requirement.

Video demonstration – Packaging diagnostic samples for COVID-19 cases

Information Poster – Packaging diagnostic samples for COVID-19 cases

It is important to note that other states may adopt slightly different procedures and you should contact your government health body to clarify their position and the procedures to adopt.


Information correct at time of publishing, 10th March 2020

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