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Quarter of dangerous goods incidents due to misdeclared shipments

5 September 2016 | Packaging Guidance

According to a recent study, over a quarter of dangerous goods incidents during the transport process were caused by goods being misdeclared.

Close to 10% of all shipments sent globally are believed to contain dangerous goods, yet there are still clear issues with the packaging and misdeclaration of dangerous goods.

P&I’s Risk Assessor, David Nichol, said:

“It is imperative for the safety of the ship and crew that all necessary steps are taken to handle and stow dangerous goods in such a way that reduces the risk of an emergency incident, and that in the event of a fire, the crew have the information they need to respond quickly with the appropriate fire-fighting measures … to enable this, a ship’s master must be provided with a correct, universally recognised description of the goods and the potential hazards they may present.”

Next month sees the initial release of new dangerous goods regulations. It is unknown as to what changes will come into effect, but there is still very clear problems with the level of education within the dangerous goods industry.


Information correct at time of publishing, 5th September 2016

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