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Introducing CellBlockEX products – exclusive to Air Sea Containers

10 April 2018 | Packaging Guidance

Introducing CellBlockEX, a range of fire suppression and containment solutions for the transport and storage of lithium-ion batteries, exclusive across Europe to AirSea Containers.

CellBlockEX products are aimed at providing excellent protection to products and packaging, which could be exposed to disturbances through the transportation process.

Through the use of CellBlockEX solutions, shippers can be more confident that their packaged containing potentially flammable substances, whether liquid or solid, are better prepared and secured against exposure to fire or high temperatures.

Our CellBlockEX offering includes:

CellBlockEX loose-fill fire extinguishing media

CellBlockEX’s loose-fill fire extinguishing agent provides optimal solution for safe handling, transporting and storing of batteries and other products and is designed for fire prevention and containment in situations where the use of water or extinguishing foam would be impractical.

Resistant to heat, moisture and chemicals, this loose-fill fire extinguishing agent quickly suffocates fires and prevents dangerous gases from escaping into the air. At a high enough temperature, the loose-fill will will melt without combusting, forming a cooling layer over the fire and isolating the fire from a source of oxygen.

CellBlock Transportation & Storage Cases

Our Cellblock cases are perfect for the safe storage and transport of lithium-ion batteries, allowing for safe shipment of batteries and the devices that contain them.

Cellblock FCS panels and CellBlockEX loose-fill are packed into a fabric lining, designed to release the spheres when exposed to the extreme heat of a thermal runaway event. When released, the beads cover and surround the burning device, absorbing smoke and heat, while depriving the fire of oxygen.

Made from fire-resistant fabric and a CellBlockEX felt core, the reconfigurable walls provide extra insulation around the compromised device to limit the spread of heat and flames.

Our cases are available in two standard sizes, both designed to fit in an overhead compartment. Cases can also be adjusted based on customer needs. For ease, CellBlock transportation and storage cases are easy to use, require no assembly, and are completely reusable, which keeps the costs down for shippers.

CellBlock Hazardous Material Steel Drums

Similar to our CellBlock cases, CellBlock have a range of steel drums, which are also suitable for the transport of lithium-ion batteries.

Lined with CellBlockEX loose-fill, CellBlock FCS steel drums allow for safe transport of used, spent, damaged and prototype batteries and devices, and provide fire containment in the event of a thermal runaway incident.

The presence of CellBlockEX loose-fill greatly reduces the probability of ignition of flammable gases and the release of toxic fumes.

As well as a transport solution, these containers may also be reused as storage. CellBlock steel drums are available in various sizes from 15g to 55g, and can be adjusted based on customer needs.

LIBIK (Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit)

The LIBIK (Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit) represents a best-practice method for containing lithium-ion battery incidents on passenger flights without the need to make an emergency diversion or landing.

Designed to fit in an overhead compartment, the LIBIK will accommodate devices from the largest laptops, to tablets and cell phones, but can be manufactured to any size.

Inside, CellBlockEX loose-fill is automatically released from the lining when exposed to high heat, immediately absorbing smoke and gases while extinguishing the battery fire.The outer bag can contain temperatures of up to 1648°C (3000°F); if a device gets overly hot, it can be placed inside the LIBIK, where the CellBlockEX will be released and absorb the heat from any device placed within.

The kit includes a pair of fire-retardant gloves and a blanket.

Fire suppression PED-Pads

CellBlock fire suppression PED-Pads can be placed over any compromised PED (Personal Electronic Device) in the event of a thermal runaway.

The inner CellBlockEX loose-fill will be released, quickly covering the burning object and extinguishing the fire, absorbing most of the smoke and fumes released by the device within seconds.

The PED-Pad is designed for use in repair lab environments, but can be used repeatedly in a number of situations requiring fire suppression.

Download our flyers on these excellent CellBlockEX products:
LIBIK: Litihum ion Battery Incident Kit
CellBlockEX product overview

Interested in any of the CellBlockEX products available exclusively from Air Sea Containers? Contact us today!

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