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Dangerous goods safety checks for Tianjin companies

21 September 2015 | Industry News & Regs

Due to the devastating events that took please last month in Tianjin, safety checks have come into effect for companies that produce, store, use or transport dangerous goods.

The checks first began this past Sunday and are expected to continue right up until the new year, where it would be expected that a review would take place to decide whether safety checks should be continued.

It is believed that any companies found to be taking safety measures lightly will be shut down by the Government until a time where necessary improvements have been made to increase the safety of people and processes.

There have, for some time, been concerns around the safety element of transporting, storing and using dangerous goods in China. It appears, now, that this tragedy has brought concerns to light and that the Chinese authorities are heavily clamping down on illegal practices.


Information correct at time of publishing, 21st September 2015

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