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Packaging for the transport of dangerous goods must be used strictly as they were tested and approved.  Use in any other way will invalidate the approval.  If you are unsure about how to use packaging compliantly get in touch.

We are happy to provide free advice on packaging solutions and recommend the following steps.


Before you purchase packaging for the transport of dangerous goods ensure you understand fully what your requirements are to meet the various transport regulations.  There are many conditions that may apply and persons involved in the transport of dangerous goods should receive training commensurate with their responsibilities.

Every UN approved package will have their own unique and specific conditions relating to what has been tested and how it can be used.  The manufacturer of such packaging must provide the appropriate instructions to follow so the user can assemble the packaging compliantly.

If you do not have the appropriate assembly instructions applicable for the packaging stop and ask for them.


Not all packaging comes complete and you should ensure that you have all the relevant approved packaging to make up the package such as cushioning material, tape, liner bags and the approved inner packaging for combination packagings where applicable.

There are many misconceptions regarding the use of UN approved packaging mainly due to poor training and passing down of incorrect information.  Not having the correct information will stop shipments causing loss in time and money and worst of all pose significant safety risks.


Always ask for the correct assembly instructions.  These will provide information on relevant approved packing material and where applicable the approved inners for combination packaging.  You must ensure you have read and understood fully all the requirements on how to prepare any packaging exactly in the manner in which it was originally approved.

Watch our video below and feel free to get in touch if you require further support.

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