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1.5L Polypropylene Plastic Biojar

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1.5L Polypropylene Plastic Biojar

1.5L Biojar with 120mm Yellow Screw Cap:

  • Leak Proof,
  • Capable of withstanding a pressure of 95kpa,
  • A suitable secondary packaging for shipping primary inner receptacles containing infectious substances.

The 1.5L Biojar with 120mm Yellow Screw Cap is leak proof and capable of withstanding a pressure of 95kpa. It can also be used with our Thermal Control Packaging TC-9

It is suitable for shipping infectious substances inside inner receptacles when used as UN approved combination packaging – Biopack-2 or with thermal control using our Biotransporter-2

This biojar performs to the packing instructions 620 and 650. It is suitable for packaging Category A, Infectious Substances UN2814, UN2900, Packing Instruction P620. It is also suitable for Biological Substances, Category B UN3373, Packing Instruction P650.

We have a range of absorbent materials and cushioning here.

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