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Hazard Labels

If you’re shipping hazardous goods, then it is imperative that you affix the correct hazard labels to your packaging.

Here we have a range of hazard labels, covering all hazard classes. All of our hazard labels can be purchased in any amounts, from one label to full rolls of 250.

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Hazard labels for dangerous goods

Explore our diverse range of hazard labels designed for various applications, including chemicals, corrosive materials, and specific substances like potassium chloride. Our labels are categorised into nine hazard classes, each tailored to meet different safety requirements.

Sizing and Regulations

Our hazard labels come in multiple sizes to suit your packaging needs. Standard labels measure at least 100mm x 100mm, while larger 250mm x 250mm labels are known as placards. It’s crucial to use the correct sizing to comply with shipping regulations, such as IATA for air transport, ADR for road, and IMDG for sea. Failure to do so may result in your package being rejected.

Expert Guidance

If you’re uncertain about which hazard labels are appropriate for your dangerous goods packaging, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team is available to guide you through your specific requirements, ensuring you choose the right labels for chemicals, corrosive materials, or even potassium chloride.

Convenient Ordering

Our hazard labels are readily available for next-day delivery, and with no minimum order quantity, you can purchase exactly the number you need. Typical rolls include 250 labels, making it easy to stock up for future use.

Common Hazard Labels

  • Hazard Labels for Chemicals
  • Hazard Labels for Dangerous Goods
  • Hazard Labels for Corrosive Materials
  • Hazard Labels for Potassium Chloride

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