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Code 1014

Eco 4GV Boxes for Non-specific inners, 4GV/X4/S

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Eco 4GV Boxes for Non-specific inners, 4GV/X4/S

4GV box Eco – Our Eco range is certified and approved with the use of Biodegradable chips (sold separately), a dust free alternative to vermiculite.

4GV fibreboard Eco box 4GV/X4/S, for use with non-specific inners. Approved for packing groups I, II & III. Maximum permitted weight of the inner containers and their product contents is 2.5kg, whilst the gross package must not exceed 4kg.

PLEASE NOTE: Code 1014 is sold in multiples of 5.

UN Mark 4GV/X4/S
Internal Dimensions 200mm x 200mm x 350mm
External Dimensions 210mm x 210mm x 365mm

Eco 4GV boxes – ship up to 2.5kg of dangerous goods without vermiculite

A first for the UK – 4GV box packaging that does not require vermiculite.

For those requiring dust free cushioning / packaging material and in instances where vermiculite is not ideal, our Eco 4 range has been tested and approved to be used with biodegradable chips as a packaging material.

Eco 4GV boxes are suitable for shipping dangerous goods by road, sea or air. Sold complete with plastic liner bag and can be used with non-specific inner packaging, meaning you can select your preferred suitable inner packaging to use in this 4GV box.

Please note: When using our Eco 4GV range of fibreboard boxes (Code 1014 & Code 1015) biodegradable chips not vermiculite must be used as a dangerous goods packaging material when shipping items.

Approved for packing groups I, II & III.

Sold in multiples of 5.

Biochips sold separately 

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