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How to correctly package Category A and B Infectious Substances

3 April 2020 | Packaging Guidance

In this article we explain the need for triple packaging, cushioning and absorbent material when transporting Class 6.2 Infectious Substances, as well as how to correctly assemble and label your package.

We have created 2 new assembly videos to demonstrate how to correctly and compliantly package Class 6.2 Infectious Substances for transportation of both Category A UN2814, UN2900 Infectious Substances and Category B UN3373 Biological Substances.

How to package category A infectious substances

Your leak-proof primary container goes into the bubble wrap pouch, roll this up and put it inside the rigid 95kpa canister (secondary packaging). Ensure the required absorbent pad is at the bottom of the canister. Next, securely close the canister and place it into the outer packaging box (triple packaging).  The top of box will have numbered flaps (1,2,3,4) and you should closed these in order and seal the outer packaging with 75mm clear self adhesive tape using a “U” shape method.  Finally, place your infectious substance label on the outer packaging which is indicated on the packaging itself and add your shipping details. Thermal control packaging is also available if you need to ship your infectious substances in a temperature controlled environment.

These instructions are for the packaging of Class 6.2, Category A UN2814, UN2900. Also suitable for Category B UN3373.

See our full demonstration the video below:

How to package category B infectious substances

This triple packaging is used to correctly and compliantly ship category B infectious substances. First, you have your leak-proof primary receptacle, this goes into the absorbent cushioning pouch. The absorbent cushioning pouch then goes into the secondary packaging a 95kPa bio bag, the bio bag is then sealed so that it is leak proof. Finally, this goes into the outer box, this is the triple packaging stage. The Hazard lable is pre printed on this box for ease, you simply need to seal with the tamper evidence seal provided and add the correct shipping details.  This postal packaging has been designed so it can be posted via regular Royal Mail services.

Other packaging solutions are available where a rigid container can be used as secondary packaging.

These instructions are for packaging Class 6.2 Infectious Substances Category B UN3373

See our full demonstration the video below:

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