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Visit Air Sea Containers at CHEMUK 2023

3 May 2023 | Events

Air Sea Containers Ltd is exhibiting at the CHEMUK Exhibition (10th & 11th May 2023, NEC, Birmingham) where they will showcase their Dangerous Goods Packaging range on stand D92.

For those with a need for fully certified UN approved packaging compliant with air, sea and road dangerous goods regulations, Air Sea Containers will be on hand to provide guidance on your packaging requirements.  Speciality chemicals packaging, biological substance packagingtemperature controlled pharmaceutical packaging, packaging for shipping adhesives, flammable liquids, oils and gases are just a few examples of the types of dangerous goods that are shipped compliantly on a daily basis using Air Sea Containers packaging.

Featuring on the stand are 4G fibreboard boxes, approved for use with a variety of specific inner packaging including; plastic, glass and tinplate, sizes range from a 2kg sample pack which is ideal for those working with the likes of chemical samples and raw materials. The largest box which has a maximum gross package weight of 31kg can accommodate 20L of dangerous goods.

Air Sea Containers 4GV range is ideal for those shippers who require more flexibility and wish to choose their own suitable non-specific inners, the range allows up to a maximum gross package weight of 65kg.

For more robust packaging, the plywood 4DV range is perfect for shippers who require extra durability and larger weight capacity from their UN packaging, ideal for Lithium batteries and larger/heavier shipments of dangerous goods. The 4DV plywood box range combines flexibility, strength and durability allowing for the use of a variety of inner containers and has an impressive maximum gross weight of 280kg. They come flat pack and are easily assembled without the need for nails by using the innovative integrated locking tab system. An additional benefit of the 4DV boxes being flat pack is that they are cost effective for delivery costs and provide 90% space saving for those with limited storage, additionally they are three times lighter than a traditional wooden box of the same size also reducing shipping costs.

Catering for the biomedical industry, Air Sea Containers also manufactures Infectious Substances Packaging for Category A substances (UN2900/UN2814) and Category B Biological Substances (UN3373). UN approved packaging for shipping Category A infectious substances, has capacities of 50ml to 12L, drop tested to 9 metres, are water resistant and are compliant with PI620. Category B range includes a postal pack which is fully compliant with PI650, comes fully assembled and pre-printed and it’s designed to fit through standard letter boxes making it suitable to be shipped using Royal Mail postal services providing low delivery costs. For those requiring temperature control of their biological substances, there is a range of Thermal Control packaging that can be used in-conjunction with a range of Infectious Substance packaging.

When shipping smaller quantities of dangerous goods, Limited Quantity and Excepted Quantity packaging is often the preferred option. The new Limited Quantity range now includes capability tested packaging for those customers who wish to have pre tested and approved LQ packaging. Air Sea Containers also provide custom made packaging including bespoke Limited and Excepted quantity packaging tailored specifically to the customers’ requirements, all packaging produced are fully compliant with the required dangerous goods regulations.

Visit Air Sea Containers, Stand D92 – To attend CHEMUK Register here for your FREE visitor badge.

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