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Code 500

Product & Assembly Information: Code 500 – Biopack 2

4G Fibreboard Box - Biopack 2

Biopack 2, 1.5L, UN Approved Combination Packaging for Class 6.2 Infectious Substances. Approved for Category A, Infectious Substances UN2814, UN2900, Packing Instruction P620. It is also suitable for shipping Biological Substances, Category B UN3373, Packing Instruction 650. For approved inners torque values please refer to the Torque Values sheet.
Code 500 Fibreboard Box, 1.5L Bio Jar inner, Bubble pouch, Absorbent cushioning, Class 6.2 Infectious Substance Hazard label.

Assembly Sheet

To ensure the packaging can fulfil its capability, it is important to pack the box correctly and compliantly as per the assembly instructions. If packed incorrectly, you risk invalidating the UN certification and the substance being compromised during transit. It is the shippers responsibility to ensure the assembly instructions are strictly followed.

Instructional Video

How to assemble 4G Fibreboard Box - Biopack 2

Place the sealed leak proof primary receptacles within the cushioning material, add the required absorbent into the leakproof secondary packaging biojar, along with the wrapped primary receptacles, securely close the leakproof lid. Place the biojar into the outer triple packaging. Close the outer packaging flaps in numerical order as printed on the box, securing flap 4 with the pre-placed double sided tape. Seal with 75mm adhesive tape in a “U” shape.


Yes, this packaging is UN approved for Category A UN2814 & UN2900 substances.
Yes, UN3373 is classed as Category B, and as this packaging is UN approved for Category A this means it can also be used to transport the lower risk Category B specimens.
No, you must use the approved inners as per those used during the performance testing. See above for a list of approved inners.
For approved inners torque values please refer to the Torque Values sheet above.

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