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A Global Reach – Air Sea Containers USA

20 February 2020 | Events

Next year Air Sea Containers will be celebrating 40 years in the dangerous goods industry. It’s a huge milestone and one that we are very proud of, but it’s not only our UK office that has been long established. Air Sea Containers operates in 10 different locations across the globe, one of which being our USA Ohio site. In fact, our Ohio office has a combined experience of over 40 years in the Dangerous Goods industry, so you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with high quality, compliant products as well as outstanding technical advice and customer service.

Our staff work hard behind the scenes to deliver high quality products and services to all our customers, so we thought we’d give a brief introduction to a few of the team who you may have come in contact with over the past few years.

Air Sea Containers USA

Barry, Carolyn and John

Throughout his career, Barry has trained thousands of people in the regulations for the transport of hazardous goods, so he knows a thing or two about handling hazmat goods compliantly! Having also worked in the test and certification area of packaging, Barry has a wealth of knowledge in the performance standards required when shipping dangerous goods.

John’s background stems from testing and certifying packaging in all UN, temperature controlled and category A infectious packaging. In addition, John has been on multiple training courses such as DGAC and training in the shipment of Lithium Batteries, so is well equipped to provide guidance on the most appropriate packaging solution for hazardous goods.

Carolyn works in the administration department and plays a vital role in ensuring everything run smoothly dealing with order processing and invoicing through to customer services.

We pride ourselves on not only providing high quality goods but also our technical expertise, so, if you require packaging for the transportation of hazardous goods whether that be by air, sea or land, please get in touch today and someone from the team will be happy to assist.

USA Tel: 001 412 308 5888


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