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LQ Packaging 855 4G – Tested with 4 x 500ml bottles

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LQ Packaging 855 4G – Tested with 4 x 500ml bottles

This LQ 855 Fibreboard Box has been capability tested and is proven to meet Road, Air and Sea DG transport regulations.

This Fibreboard Box has been capability tested with 4 x 500ml glass bottles (sold separately) and comes complete with a fibreboard stabiliser with 4x 3.26″ diameter holes suitable for 4 x 500ml bottles.

Internal Dimensions 11.81" x 11.81" x 7.48" Stabiliser Hole Diameter: 4 x 3.26"
External Dimensions 12.51" x 12.20" x 9.13"

LQ Outer Packaging- capability proven solution

Limited quantity packaging must consist of inner packaging packed inside suitable outer packaging. Although UN approved packaging is not required for LQ, the outer packaging needs to meet capability requirements set out in the relevant modes of transport regulations.

Here at Air Sea USA we have done the testing for you, this LQ 855 packaging solution has been capability tested with 4 x 500ml bottles and is compliant with Road, Air and Sea Regulations.

  • Meets Cobb tests and construction requirements of 6.1.4 UN Model Regulations
  • Documented 1.2m Drop Test and 3m Stack Tested
  • Manufacturers Assembly Instructions Provided

We also offer:

  • Custom Packaging Design and Capability Testing

Boxes without stabilisers are available here LQ packaging solutions for various inners. These meet the construction requirements of 6.1.4 of the UN Model Regulations but will require capability testing to suit different inner packaging configurations you may need.

Ask us about our design and testing service.


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