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UN Approved 4DV Plywood Boxes

Our 4DV Plywood Boxes are ideal for shippers looking to ship hazardous goods in strong, rigid outer packaging. They can be used with your choice of suitable inners. They are also suitable for transporting Lithium Batteries.

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4DV Plywood Packaging Explained

4DV Plywood boxes for non-specific inner packagings

Our 4DV boxes offer a rigid outer packaging for the shipment of hazardous goods and are a popular choice for shippers wishing to use their own inner containers. They are also ideal for shipping lithium batteries.

The plywood range allows for hazardous goods to be shipped up to a maximum gross weight of 280Kg.

Plywood Shipping Boxes for You

The 4DV plywood boxes are delivered flat pack and easily assembled on site as and when needed. The boxes are assembled & closed using a locking tongue method, meaning no screws or nails are required. Additionally, to help shippers understand how to assemble our plywood box range, we provide packaging assembly instructions with each order.

All of our 4DV boxes come complete with plastic liner bag. Vermiculite, (supplied separately) will also be required to provide cushioning for inner packagings during transport.

If you’re unsure as to how much vermiculite you need, then contact us for assistance. We’ll be able to calculate how much you will need by identifying the void space within your packaging.

We also have a range of hazard labels in 100mm x 100mm and 250mm x 250mm sizes available to ensure that your hazardous goods packagings remain compliant.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask! We can produce bespoke boxes to suit your size requirements. See our Contact page for further details and FAQ section with some helpful information.

4DV Frequently Asked Questions

4DV packaging is made from plywood and is designed to provide a sturdy and inflexible outer packaging solution for the transportation of dangerous goods.

Plywood is a great choice for shipping large, heavy or fragile dangerous goods as it provides a strong and more rigid protective barrier to the transported goods. 

This includes protection from impact, resistance to extreme temperature variations and the general conditions experienced during transport.

It is also an environmentally friendly solution as they are easy to recycle, feature water-based ink and have PEFC certification.

Yes, 4DV packaging has been UN approved and is therefore perfectly suited for shipping Dangerous Goods including lithium batteries in accordance to the relevant transport regulations for Air, Sea, Rail and Road.

The 4DV plywood box range offers a unique blend of flexibility and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of inner packagings, 4DV boxes have been UN approved so are specifically constructed to be suitable to transport dangerous goods according to the relevant transport regulations.

Air Sea Containers range of 4DV boxes can handle an impressive maximum permitted weight of 120kg (inner and substance) and a gross package weight of 280kg.

This all depends on the inner packagings that you’re placing inside the 4DV Plywood box. 

Vermiculite is the approved cushioning material that must be used in all Air Sea Containers 4DV boxes as it was the cushioning material used during the UN approval testing process of each 4DV box. 

It must not be replaced with alternative cushioning material. Vermiculite is lightweight, inert (non-reactive) and is often used when transporting flammable, corrosive and fragile materials. 

It is ideal for cushioning items as it is compressible, which enables voids to be filled to the required standards.

If you’re unsure about how much vermiculite to use for your packaging then please contact us and we can advise you or you can refer to the product assembly sheet.

If you have any queries about shipping dangerous goods then please speak to a member of our team.

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