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Code 970

Product & Assembly Information: Code 970 – 4GV/X13/S

4GV Fibreboard Box - Lithium Batteries 18.11" x 12.1" x 12.4"

4GV fibreboard box 4GV/X13/S, for shipping Lithium Batteries up to 12kg. Approved for packing group I.
Code 970 Fibreboard box

Assembly Sheet

To ensure the packaging can fulfil its capability, it is important to pack the box correctly and compliantly as per the assembly instructions. If packed incorrectly, you risk invalidating the UN certification and the substance being compromised during transit. It is the shippers responsibility to ensure the assembly instructions are strictly followed.

Instructional Video

How to assemble 4GV fibreboard box 4GV/X13/S

"Fold in the bottom flaps first, sealing the base twice with 75mm adhesive tape in a ā€œUā€ shape. Line the base of the box by placing a sufficient amount of antistatic bubble wrap at the bottom of the box, place the battery in an antistatic liner bag, seal with 25mm tape. Wrap the battery in antistatic bubble wrap, place battery inside the 4G box, if shipping multiple batteries, each individual battery should be place in an antistatic bag and wrapped in antistatic bubble wrap. Fill remining void spaces with antistatic bubble wrap. Seal the box twice with 75mm adhesive tape in a ā€œUā€ shape."


Maximum permitted weight of the article(s) is 12kg
This 4GV box has been specifically approved be used with lithium batteries. UN3480, UN3481, UN3090, UN3091,
This 4GV box has been tested and is approved with anti static liner bag and anti static bubble wrap, no other cushioning should be used in this box.

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