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Code 839

Product & Assembly Information: Code 839 – 4GV/X7/S

4GV Fibreboard Box - Multipack MP7

4GV fibreboard box 4GV/X7/S, for use with non-specific inners. Approved for packing groups I, II & III. Maximum permitted weight of the inner containers and their product contents is 4.6kg, whilst the gross package must not exceed 7kg. Vermiculite must be used with this 4GV box.
Code 839 Fibreboard Box, Polythene Bag

Assembly Sheet

To ensure the packaging can fulfil its capability, it is important to pack the box correctly and compliantly as per the assembly instructions. If packed incorrectly, you risk invalidating the UN certification and the substance being compromised during transit. It is the shippers responsibility to ensure the assembly instructions are strictly followed.

Instructional Video

How to assemble 4GV Fibreboard Box 4GV/X7/S

Assemble the box, begin by folding in the bottom flaps first and sealing the base with 75mm adhesive tape in a “U” shape. Place the supplied poly liner bag inside the box and add a layer of vermiculite at the bottom to a depth of at least 25mm. Place the inner packaging inside the box. Where more than one inner is being shipped in the same box each must be surrounded by at least 25mm of vermiculite in all directions. Continue to fill and lightly compact down all remaining void space. Ensure the inner packagings are securely in place then seal the poly liner bag with 75mm adhesive tape. Close the top flaps of the box and seal with 75mm adhesive tape in a “U” shape."


Maximum permitted weight of the inner containers and their product contents is 4.6kg
You can choose your own appropriate non-specific inners
This 4GV box has been tested and is approved with Vermiculite only, no other cushioning should be used in this box.
This box is NOT approved for Class 1 or Class 7 Substances.
No. Tapes come in various sizes and types, they are designed to seal 4G boxes to avoid them opening or the inner packaging escaping during transport and have been tested for their capability. You must use the same tape and method as used in the testing process. The approved tapes and taping method for this 4G box are 75mm adhesive tape applied in a “U” shape."

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