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Air Sea USA join forces with training provider HighQ

30 October 2020 | Events

HazMat packaging supplier Air Sea Containers Ltd is pleased to announce its USA outlet is strengthening its ties through a unique partnership with DG regulations training provider HighQ Training.

HighQ Training LogoSince 1990 HighQ has been delivering comprehensive training to clients for the shipping of infectious and biological substances in compliance with DOT and IATA/ICAO regulations. Ever evolving and always striving to provide the highest of standards when it comes to training courses, HighQ has now partnered with Gene Sanders, a highly qualified HazMat transport expert to expand their training services to include HazMat training across all transport regulations and hazard classes.

Gene has over 30 years’ experience in the HazMat/Hazardous Goods industry, working for companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Thermo Fisher Scientific and UPS before moving on to consultancy roles offering expertise to companies requiring auditing, training and consultancy services for DG regulations and packaging requirements.  Gene holds a number of professional qualifications including CDGT, DGSA and CDGP and is a monthly columnist for the Hazardous Cargo Bulletin (HCB).

Barry Johnston comments “HighQ has been delivering infectious and biological substances transportation training for over 15 years, we wanted to expand our portfolio and provide our clients a wider range of HazMat training, we are extremely pleased to be working in partnership with Gene Sanders. Having Gene onboard means not only can we provide training to a larger range of HazMat shippers, we can now also offer consultancy which can aid packaging development and other services that help bring companies in compliance with DOT and International regulations”.

Air Sea Containers understands the importance of selecting and correctly assembling the right packaging for hazardous materials.  When you look at the world through the eyes of a packaging manufacturer providing advice and support on regulated packaging, it becomes clear that not everyone understands how to select and use packaging compliantly.  DOT and IATA Regulations state that all shippers of HazMat goods must complete a training course and gain certification before they are permitted to ship hazardous goods. It is imperative that shippers gain the relevant certification in order for them to identify, classify and package a substance or article competently, correctly and safely.  By working alongside HighQ, Air Sea USA is able to connect those professionals who are looking to purchase HazMat packaging but who have not yet completed or need to re-validate their relevant hazardous goods shipper course with a DG training provider.

If you require HazMat Packaging or are in need of HazMat Training please get in touch and one of our technical experts will be happy to help.

For all your HazMat Packaging needs contact us here or telephone 001 412 308 5888

For Training Requirements contact HighQ Training

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