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IATA – Shipping Lithium Batteries Safely

23 February 2024 | Packaging Guidance

Every year millions of hazardous materials are shipped around the world via Road, Sea, Rail and Air, more than 1.25 million dangerous goods shipments are transported by air.  A large proportion of these dangerous goods are lithium batteries, shipping volumes are increasing every year as they become the power source of choice for portable electronic devices.

Shipping lithium batteries is highly regulated as lithium batteries are classed a dangerous goods due to the risks of thermal runaway which can result in smoking batteries, fires and explosions.

IATA have produced a Lithium Batteries white paper on how to make lithium batteries safe to ship, its very informative and covers a range of topics including:

  • Why are Lithium batteries Dangerous
  • Creating Awareness
  • Shippers Responsibilities
  • Making Lithium Batteries Safe
  • What about Sodium-Ion Batteries

It’s an interesting read and one we wanted to share, you can download the IATA white paper here. IATA White Paper Make Lithium Batteries Safe to Ship. 

Air Sea Containers can provide the Dangerous Goods Packaging to safely package your lithium batteries for transport, view our range here. If you would like advice on what packaging is most suitable for your lithium battery, please complete the contact form and one of our DG trained sales advisors will aim to contact you within the same day.

Source IATA

Information correct at time of publishing 23/02/24

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