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UN Fibreboard Box For Lithium Batteries 4G/X13/S

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UN Fibreboard Box For Lithium Batteries 4G/X13/S

Lithium battery packaging

4G fibreboard box 4G/X13/S, for shipping Lithium Batteries up to 12kg. Approved for packing group I.

Internal Dimensions 9.84" x 5.71" x 5.71"
External Dimensions 10.24" x 6.1" x 6.3"
Substance Type Solid

Lithium battery packaging

UN Fibreboard Box For shipping up to 12kg of Lithium Batteries. UN Mark: 4G/X13/S.

This 4G fibreboard box is approved for shipping solid hazardous goods.

Packaging Compliant with IATA, IMDG, DOT & CFR-49 regulations.

Product Spec Sheets

Assembly Sheet

Special Notes:  

Batteries various sizes, in plastics bags – see table below.

For up to 8 batteries.

Battery sizes (mm):

Min Max
Length 195 200
Width 95 95
Depth 9 95

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