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Code 856

LQ Packaging 856 – Fibreboard Box

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Our Packaging is UN Approved

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LQ Packaging 856 – Fibreboard Box

This LQ 856 Fibreboard Box is suitable for shipping Limited Quantities.

Use your own inners or choose from our inner packaging range.

The code 856 LQ box meets construction requirements of 6.1.4 of the UN Model Regulations. Capability testing is also available, just ask for more info.

Internal Dimensions 7.48 x 5.78 x 10.51
External Dimensions 7.95 x 6.25 x 11.69

Limited Quantity Packaging Solutions

Limited quantity packaging must consist of inner packaging packed inside suitable outer packaging.

We have a range of LQ packaging solutions suitable for various inners.

  • All our LQ packaging meets construction requirements of 6.1.4 of the UN Model Regulations
  • We can provide capability testing for 1.2m Drop Test and 3m Stack Tests for those who require additional capability testing (compliant with Air Regulations).

We also offer:

For suitable inners click here.

We also have a range of pre tested, proven capability LQ packaging, compliant with Road, Air and Sea regulations.

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