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UN Approved 4GV Fibreboard Boxes

Our 4GV Fibreboard Boxes have been designed, tested and UN approved for the safe and compliant transportation of hazmat goods.

Combine our 4GV outer packaging with suitable inner packaging to create UN approved combination packaging.  Our 4GV packaging, allows you to select your own suitable inners for your hazmat substance.

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4GV Packaging Explained

4GV boxes for non-specific inner packagings

4GV boxes are a popular choice for shippers wishing to use their own inner packaging containers, unlike 4G boxes, which require the use of specific approved-with inners.

Our range of 4GV fibreboard boxes allows you to ship up to a maximum gross weight of 65Kg. All of our 4GV boxes come complete with plastic liner bag. Vermiculite and Biodegradable Chips  (supplied separately) will also be required to provide cushioning for the inner packagings during transport.

If you’re unsure as to how much vermiculite you need, then contact us for assistance. We’ll be able to calculate how much you will need by identifying the void space within your packaging.

Assembly Sheets

There is also an assembly sheet available for each product, clarifying weights and assembly instructions for packaging the hazardous goods compliantly. The 4GV packaging must be packed and assembled in the same way as it was during the testing process, otherwise you will invalidate the certification.

We also have a range of hazard labels in 100mm x 100mm and 250mm x 250mm sizes available to ensure that your hazardous goods packaging remain compliant.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask! See our Contact page for further details and FAQ section with some helpful information.

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