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Limited Quantity Packaging - Capability Tested

Our LQ Capability Tested Packaging is a complete solution with proven capability performance. We have a choice of 4G boxes including stabilisers suitable for a range of inner packaging configurations.

Packaging proven to meet Construction Requirements of 6.1.4 UN Model Regulations and 1.2m Drop Tests & 3m Stack Tests for transport by Air.

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Our Packaging is UN Approved

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Small amounts of dangerous goods can be transported as Limited Quantities in packaging that has not been UN approved.

However, LQ fibreboard packaging must meet the construction requirements of 6.1.4 of the UN Model Regulations including water resistance test by the Cobb method, whilst drop and stack tests are only a requirement under Air regulations.

Our Capability Tested Packaging (Box and Stabiliser) offer a complete solution, they have all been tested to prove capability and meet Construction Requirements, Cobb Tested, 1.2m Drop Test & 3m Stack Tests.

Want to use a variety of inners? Choose from our LQ 4G boxes for various inners range, all of which have undergone Cobb tests and conform to construction requirements as a minimum.

We also offer testing facilities, if you have custom requirements we can design develop and test packaging to prove its capability, get in touch and we can help.


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