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UN 4G box for various inners, 4G/X26/S

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UN 4G box for various inners, 4G/X26/S

UN approved packaging – 4G/X26/S

Internal Dimensions 9.84" x 9.84" x 12.01"
External Dimensions 12.99" x 12.99" x 12.6"

UN approved 4G box packaging – 4G/X26/S

UN 4G Fibreboard Box with nine section dividers – ship up to 18 inner packagings in our approved 4G outer packaging.

Ship up to 26kg of dangerous goods within this 4G fibreboard box.

This 4G box is approved for shipping both solid and liquid dangerous goods.

Please note: vermiculite must be used as a packaging material in this box in order to comply with UN regulations and 50mm polyester tape must be used to seal the package.

If you wish to ship your substance in inner packagings that are not approved for this 4G box, then you could use one of our 4GV boxes instead.


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