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Vermiculite – 4 Cubic Feet Bag

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Vermiculite – 4 Cubic Feet Bag

4 Cubic Feet Vermiculite.

Cushioning and absorbency material used with our 4G, 4GV and 4DV range, protecting you inners from breakage. Read in-full below.

Vermiculite 4 Cubic Feet Bag

Our large grade Vermiculite packing material is used to protect inner packagings from impact & shock, acting as cushioning and absorbent in case of leakage.

Vermiculite is lightweight, inert (non-reactive) and is often used when transporting flammable corrosive and fragile materials.

Vermiculite must be used as a packing material in our 4G fibreboard boxes, 4DV Plywood boxes and specific boxes within our 4GV fibreboard boxes range.

Don’t want to use Vermiculite? Try our Eco 4GV fibreboard range (code1014) and (code 1015) which is certified with the use of biodegradable chips.

We also provide vermiculite in 1.8 Cubic Feet quantities.

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