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Completing a Dangerous goods Note

17 February 2019 | Packaging Guidance

A hazardous goods note is a document that details the current status of a package containing hazardous goods.

The note allows shippers to detail all of the necessary information required, as well as spaces to declare that the contents are correctly described on the document.

The dangerous goods note requires information regarding:

  1. The exporter, consignee and freight forwarder of the goods.
  2. Any customs references, booking numbers or exporter or forwarders reference.
  3. DHSA notifications given by the shipper, cargo agent, transport operator and shipping line.
  4. The destination and loading port.
  5. Importantly, any shipping marks, including hazard labels, Proper Shipping Names and Packing Group information.
  6. A declaration as to the correct description of the goods transport.
  7. The tare weight and gross weight of the shipment.
  8. Information as to the individual completing the hazardous goods note, so that they can be referred back to if necessary.

Dangerous Goods Note Example

You can find an example of a Dangerous Goods Note that we offer to shippers below:

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Information correct at time of publishing, Feb 2017


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