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UN Approved Packaging & Accessories for Hazardous Goods

We have over 700 individual Hazardous packaging solutions for the transport of class 1-9 hazardous goods, including our fully certified UN packaging and specialist solutions for infectious substances, lithium batteries, shipments requiring thermal control and for when sending goods in limited or excepted quantities.

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Hazardous Material Packaging

Our UN approved Hazardous Material Packaging is suitable for shipping hazardous materials safely and compliantly.

All our Hazmat packaging comply with Dangerous goods regulations including, IATA, DoT, CFR 49 and IMDG.

Our hazardous material packaging enables you to transport hazard classes 1 – 9 compliantly.

Hazmat packaging includes, 4G boxes for the shipment of a variety of chemicals including solvents, sealants, adhesives, gases, flammable liquids & Solids, 4DV plywood boxes ideal for large quantities of hazmat materials including lithium batteries.

Trusted Hazardous Packaging for your Shipping

Infectious Substance Packaging for the safe transportation of Cat B UN3373 and Cat A UN2900 and UN2814 substances including coronavirus sample kits and monkeypox sample kits.

We supply small to large organisations across a variety of industries including, universities and hospitals, biomedical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, petrochemical, food and drink.

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