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2.5L FHDPE Jerrican (White), 3H1/Y1.4/100

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2.5L FHDPE Jerrican (White), 3H1/Y1.4/100

2.5L UN plastic jerrican

UN Approved Single Packaging, plastic jerrican – for the transportation of (Liquids) Dangerous Goods.

UN Number 3H1/Y1.4/100
Substance Type Liquid

2.5L UN plastic jerrican

2.5L FHDPE White UN Jerrican 42mm with Tamper-Evident Cap.

UN Mark: 3H1/Y1.4/100

Approved for shipping dangerous goods as liquids within Packing Groups II & III.

This is approved as a single packaging and has also been tested and approved to be used as an inner packaging specifically with our Code 11 fibreboard board – see approved outer packaging below.

It is also suitable as an inner packaging within appropriately sized 4GV or 4DV outer packaging.


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