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UN 4G box for 1 x 5L steel drum, 4G/X15/S

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UN 4G box for 1 x 5L steel drum, 4G/X15/S

UN approved packaging – 4G/X15/S

Below you will find a list of the approved inners that can be used with the 4G/X15/S box. Approved inners must be used in order to uphold the test certification, if you use alternative inners other than those listed below, you will invalidate the UN Approval test certification.

Internal Dimensions 8.27" x 8.27" x 8.86"
External Dimensions 8.86" x x 8.27" x 9.65"

UN approved packaging – 4G/X15/S

UN Fibreboard Outer packaging approved with 1 x 5L Steel Drum.

UN Mark: 4G/X15/S

This 4G box is approved for shipping liquid dangerous goods.

Product Spec Sheets

Assembly Sheet
  • S = Approved to Ship Solids
  • L = Approved to Ship Liquids
  • S/L = Approved to Ship Solids and Liquids

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