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UN 4G box for various inners, 4G/X31/S

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UN 4G box for various inners, 4G/X31/S

UN approved packaging – 4G/X31/S

Internal Dimensions 15.75" x 11.61" x 12.2"
External Dimensions 20.47" x 12.2" x 12.99"
Substance Type Liquid

UN approved packaging – 4G/X31/S

UN 4G box approved for use with various inners. For a complete list, see below.

Ship up to 31kg of dangerous goods within this 4G fibreboard box, capable of holding four UN 3A1 jerricans and approved to ship substances of all packing groups, provided they are suitable within any of the approved inner packagings (found below) and do not exceed the maximum capacity for each inner package

This 4G box is approved for shipping liquid dangerous goods.

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