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Our range of Single Packaging UN Approved Jerricans include, blue, white and natural options as well as lacquer lined and non lacquer lined Jerricans.

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UN Plastic & tinplate jerricans

UN approved 3A1 & 3H1 jerricans – suitable as a single packaging when transporting hazardous goods by road, sea and air.

Our jerricans comply with all hazardous goods regulations, ensuring that your shipments arrive at their destination safely and compliantly.

Ship from 250ml to 5L of hazardous goods. For 10L – 25L Jerricans ask our sales team about our non stock items.

We also have a range of hazard labels in 100mm x 100mm and 250mm x 250mm sizes available to ensure that your hazardous goods packagings remain compliant.

If you wish to discuss our jerrican range in more detail, please contact us.

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