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Available: IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations 2019

15 October 2018 | Industry News & Regs

The IATA dangerous goods regulations, effective January 2019, are now available to order.

The 60th edition of the regulatory guide, covering the transport of hazardous materials via air, includes a list of updates, including:

  • 12 new UN numbers from UN 3537 to UN 3548;
  • Assignment of ID 8001 to Disilane;
  • Addition of a new entry, UN 3536, Lithium batteries installed in cargo transport unit;
  • PI 620 and PI 650—The conditions for the pressure differential test and the temperature ranges have been separated to be stand-alone requirements;
  •—The specification for hazard labels has been revised to remove the requirement for the outside line to be a minimum of 2 mm in thickness.

Full updates of what is to come can be found on the IATA website, here.

Information correct at time of publishing, October 2018

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