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BioShipper-2 Complete kit for UN3373

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BioShipper-2 Complete kit for UN3373

UN3373 Packaging – Bioshipper

UN3373 Packaging – Bioshipper

The Air Sea BioShipper 2 is supplied witha 95KPa BioBag 2 Security Seal 2 x 4 Bay Absorbent Cushioning Pouch and Instruction Sheet, detailing how substances should be transported inside.

For higher volume shipments using our 95KPa BioBag 2 this kit can carry up to 2 x cryovial boxes or a multitude of single primary containers wrapped in absorbent cushioning.

The BioShipper 2 is designed to be efficient ready to ship low cost and is delivered flat packed with fast easy pop-up assembly.

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