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Code 474 Spec Sheet – UN 4G Box

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This UN 4G box is suitable for transporting dangerous goods by air under various ICAO and IATA packing instructions.

Code: 474

For Packing Groups: I (X), II (Y) and III (Z)

UN Mark: 4G/X2/S/**/GB/2812

** Denotes year of manufacture

This dangerous goods packaging is approved for transport up to a gross package weight of 2kg.

Internal dimensions: 105mm x 105mm x 220mm

External dimensions: 70mm x 70mm x 175mm

To compliantly packaging dangerous goods in this 4G box, you will require:

The SamplePack™ is designed to transport small quantities of both liquid and solid hazardous materials in a box of minimal dimensions. It conforms to most ICAO/IATA Packing Instructions for the transport of dangerous goods by air.

The SamplePack™ is also suitable for other modes of transport by sea and land and is suitable for Group I dangerous goods. It is particularly suitable for use within the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. For further information, contact us

Packing Instructions for the particular mode of transport must be strictly adhered to before goods are shipped in this U.N. Approved combination packaging. eg. ICAO/IATA Packing Instruction 809 requires an additional metal receptacle. Contact us for further information. 

Approved inner packagings

To ensure compliance when shipping dangerous goods, you must only use approved inner packagings.

This product is approved with a wide range of different inner packagings, such as:

  • Glass bottles
  • LDPE plastic bottles
  • Polypropylene tubes
  • Tinplate drums

Within our range of inner packagings approved within this 4G box, shippers can transport the following hazard classes:

  • Flammable Liquids (Class 3)
  • Flammable Solids (Class 4)
  • Oxydizing Agents (Class 5)
  • Peroxides (Class 5) Poisons (Class 6)
  • Some Radioactives (Class 7)
  • Most Corrosives (Class 8)

See below for a complete list of approved packagings.

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