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Air Sea launch new 4DV plywood box range

7 February 2017 | General News

Air Sea launch updated UN approved plywood box range

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new plywood box range, approved to ship non-specific inner packagings.

The newly approved range permits the shipment of dangerous goods up to a maximum of 280kg and includes:

Code 1038 – 4DV/X30/S (370mm x 370mm x 300mm)

Code 1039 – 4DV/X56/S (580mm x 380mm x 385mm)

Code 1040 – 4DV/X107/S (780mm x 380mm x 585mm)

Code 1041 – 4DV/X175/S (980mm x 580mm x 585mm)

Code 1042 – 4DV/X280/S (1180mm x 780mm x 785mm)

As with all of our UN packagings, these plywood boxes have undergone strict testing procedures to ensure their suitability for the transport of dangerous goods.

Interested in our plywood box packagings? Contact our experienced team for more information.

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